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Thread: Using mail serv. as file serv.

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    Using mail serv. as file serv.

    Given Scenario:

    a Secondary email on a hosted site or from my ISP.
    (I am not sure if there is a cap to each email.)
    However lets assume I can make each mail a max of 20 megs.
    I want to store a 100 meg warez in it.
    So I send myself 5 emails each 20 megs (rar or whatever).
    I select don't delete from server in my mail client ,and distribute the username and pass to everyone I want to distribute the 100 meg file and tell other to make sure that they select "dont delete mail from server" after downloading.

    I haven't seen anyone do it, but it was just an idea I had.
    Some ISP don't put a quota max. on email.
    Comments, thoughts?

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    I know that hotmail does have a cap on email size, but if you were to fragment a program like that, wouldn't the program loose it's integrity?

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    There are many compression utilities which give you the capability to span a program\data across any number of files at any size you want.

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    It wouldn't work too well, because,
    1. No ISP is going to let you store mails over 3 to 5 megs in size.
    2. Most programs that are warezed today are WAY over 100 megs (eg: photoshop, games etc)
    3. Most mail servers aren't meant to handle that kind of traffic and you'd either be DOS'ing it or the mail provider will spot the traffic and kill your account.
    4. The only way to make that work is to run your own mail server but that opens up a whole new can of worms.

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