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Thread: awesome site

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    yeah cool site

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    Well, I'm glad you guys liked the site as much as I did. theres tons, upon tons of **** like this out there, all you have to do is look So that I dont have to start a new thread, if you guys liked that one so much then check out this one http://www.infosyssec.net/infosyssec/cry1.htm
    It's set on a page about cryptograpy because it has recently became a intrest of mine but to the left are dozens of links that I think most of you will find useful. I have noticed alot of newbies at the site so hopefully this site will answear alot of your questions.Enjoy!!
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    Heii thats really awesome site !!! thanx !!! yah browsed it no payment

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    Gen. A

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    Dude you Rock!!!!!!!!!

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    wow great link
    thanks so much
    Blessed Be

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