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Thread: Restore User Profile W2K

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    Restore User Profile W2K

    I'm performing a clean installation after backing up my documents and settings/username.domainname folder.

    What's the best precedure to restore my desktop, email, my documents folder, favourites and etc.

    I'm aware that there are some files and folders that I cannot copy because of the new user security IDs (SIDs) but I'm not sure which ones.

    Any pointers or advices will be gratefully appreciated.

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    I usually just write a batch file that automatically runs when my computer boots. This batch file saves everything worth saving to a directory specified.. As for restoring you simply write a version of the batch file that will transfer all the backed up files to where they rightly belong.

    If you are unfamiliar in writing batch files just do a google search.
    Writing the batch files only takes a few minutes, and I find it a very easy and reliable way of backing up my data.

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    you cant directly copy the folders over but if you reset the permissions you will be able to copy their contents over. So if you have your new machine and you want to copy your documents and favorites. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings and the user profile you wish to use. Now just replace your favorites folder and replace drag your old documents into your new My documents folder. whatever was on your desktop drop in the desktop folder. Whatever email you have, you may want to just create an archive and set it up as a personal folder in outlook or outlook express. If you need any more help let me know
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