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Thread: Company Sponsored Training?

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    Company Sponsored Training?

    I am just curious, (we are trying to get a company sponsored training and certification program going here at work) how many of you recieve company sponsored training and certifications? Do you get to go to trade shows or conferences fully payed for by work? How much does your company invest in you for these types of things?
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    We have both Internal and external opurtunities to training and certification. Our company do encourage the personel to learn aslong as it's in their workareas. The same with conferences but there is it a slight difference, no more then two people at the same time must attend to seminars or conferences if they are held on another place then our hometown.

    Im hopefully on my way on a crash course this autumn (16 weeks) and my company will pay everything, guess Im quite lucky .


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    Hrmph! My company pays for nothing!(The only training we offer is givin by me) They just expect you to know. I once was approached by my boss, telling me that I had to give a lesson on this new software in 1 hr. Then, she handed me the software. I had never even seen it. I told her, ok, first I need to load it on the server, then image the lab, then LEARN the software, then I can give the class. Her response!!!! Great! See ya in an hour!


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    My company doesn't provide any kind of training either, but they will reimburse you for classes that you take on your own. . .heck, most of the IT people in the building I work in don't even have any kind of certs at all!! Heh, go figure. . .
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    Same as Micael here,

    I just got a my CCNA training paid by the company, although the course itself is outside workhours....
    Also I signed up an additonal Unix course within hours, also paid....

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    I am in Job Corps, and I get CCNA training for free, plus they pay me, I can also go for my network+, MCSE, and an associates degree once I am done, as long as I can do it in 3 years, not only that, but they will find me a job, in my field of study, in the area i want, when I am done. I get a roof over my head, education, a pay stipend, and a bonus when I complete.

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    that is one hell of a deal
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    my company offers e-learning courses, but no funds for actual cert(s)...
    it would be nice, wouldn't it

    e-learning is a pretty big benefit, so is any training for that matter...
    it seems to be a really big deal for us, as we are a professional staffing company...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    My Company claims to pay for offsite training but I don't know anyone whose every actually gotten approval. We get onsite training which as been medicore at best. I wish I could go attend classes but that's not happening.

    Note that applies for tech training only. MBA training is sponsored (I think 80% of the cost of the course).

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    I actually achieved my MCSE over the course of 3 different companies. All of them paid for things up to a point.

    My current company actually arranged for a 3rd party vendor to supply training to give a group of us all seven of the official Microsoft curriculum courses for the MCSE- supposedly something like an $11,000 value. They also paid for me to take the tests.

    For my CISSP I just bought a book and studied on my own. My company reimbursed me for the book and paid for my test.

    They also offer a LOT of training through web-based or computer-based initiatives through arrangements with NetG and Digital Think so even though they have a much tighter budget and no longer pay for offsite training there is still training available.

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