We get one week of training of our choice. This usually works out to be around a 1,500$ value. If a new application is brought into my group, we usually get training from the vendor of the application. All testing is also payed for.

There is a bonus program based on the complexity of the certification program. For instance, getting an HP storageworks certification will get you like 1500. MCSE is 3k. CCNA is 3k, CCNE is like 10k. However, you can only get the bonus if you work in the field. For instance, our IT department is very segmented, if you work on NT servers, you do not manage any network equipment. So you can only get the 3k MCSE. But if you are working on NT servers, and you get a CCNE, you can get the bonus if you transfer into a job supporting network elements. I'm pretty sure these bonuses will go away in the immediate future as most managers in my company have very little faith in any certifications.

All college as long as it is job related, is also payed for. And you can take a sabatical to get a doctorate if approved.

I don't think that this level of perks is normal at most companies though. It is more common for management ranks in the fortune 50 though.