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Thread: Hacking Program Recommendations for my Network

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    Question Hacking Program Recommendations for my Network

    Does anyone know of any good hacking/cracking programs that I can use easily and efficiently, for a network that I would like to test?

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    If you would like to do this for education purposes or if you have permission to test the network I like nmap. And a good, quick vulnerability scanner I like is sara. If you do a google search for either you'll find them easily. Sara, I believe, is *nix only.
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    Go to www.insecure.org and look for Nmap. With that program you can scan your network. Many options include ICMP, TCP, UDP. Sysn Stealth Fin Stealth, Ping Sweep, etc.
    I use a program I got for testing my network as far as port flooding, nukeing, etc called STC. Sorry I don't have a link have a link for it.

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