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Thread: A big F##K You

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    A big F##K You

    I would just like to say a big **** you to everyone at Anti-online, i am probably goin to get banned for this but i dont care cos it looks like im goin to get banned anyway and for what?. I got put on the close to being banned list for posting a question about my computer being attacked and it only got 4 replies but **** it, it helped my problem but i still get ****in negative anti-points for it. I know i had some negatives already but gettin more for that is ****in ****. I dont care if i get banned, i once got negative antipoints for putting a non-security question on the ****in general chit-chat forum. It said i got the antipoints for posting a non-security question on the ****in general chit-chat forum. Well anyway **** you everyone cos im sick of your **** and im goin to join a ****in forum that doesnt ban people for asking ****in question.

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    Um, thank you for your kind words.
    Every now and then, one of you won't annoy me.

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    You have your private messaging turned off and I was going to send this to you but..

    This may not make a difference ..

    But.. you know, you're letting the antics of a few immature people here get to you. I know you have a lot to offer and I think people can offer a lot to you.

    If you account gets banned you can re-sign up with a new account. Some people use APs for reasons other than the quality of the thread. So the actions of a few should not be the reason to be pissed off at everyone.

    As for your thread not getting enough attention, maybe it was because people didn't know what the graphic was for and didn't have the answer. Getting a whole bunch of windows opening all of a sudden is odd. The question is what happened just prior to it. You said you were "messing around". Well, what did "messing around" mean? Playing freecell? Surfing news sites? Surfing porn sites? (porn sites are notorious for this kind of activity as are some cracker and exploit sites and some variations of each of these).

    Just something for consideration.
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    Strange how easily some people can get pissed....

    I'm always thinking if people don't care why bother posting something like this.... hrrrmm... cause they do care.
    I even know a senior who almost get banned once and know is a well respected member.

    My advice : don't be a quitter and try to regain respect.... with or without the AP-system,
    this IS a usefull knowledge based forum.

    Just my 2 little euro-cents,

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    Take an effing chill pill dog. But here is a link. www.blackcode.com
    They will just flame you if you aska stupid question. Only banned a couple of members.
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    Same exact bull crap has happened to me on a couple occasions, but I put up with it because there are still a lot of great people on Antionline and they give out really helpful advise. Dont let a couple of A**holes get to you, like what MsMittens said.

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    Re: A big F##K You

    Originally posted here by Daedalus2100
    LOL, if this was IRC, thatd be on bash.org easy.
    ps; stop bitching twinkletoes - get a life.

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    I'm with you Shrekkie, Why hate, it only takes up too much time. Personally, if you don't like the site, leave, no one's holding you here, it's not like you pay a membership fee...You have free will. . . ditch the whining, and move on.
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    I don't see why you took all your time to post that, useless. I don't know why you got negged either, but also I don't see why you wouldve got pausitive. But if you really don't like the way this site works then why didn't you just leave. This site also provides a lot, hey why don't you just look at the site and read it instead of posting. Sometimes it's good to read. And one more thing why didn't you really try your best to score some antipoints because you still have a chance or maybe say could've. Sometimes the antipoint system can be unfair at sometimes, but hey life goes on you got your set backs and sometimes you got your set forwards.

    Seems to be that you got most your negs here because it really doesn't have to do with anything about computers

    And also I saw that you were posting a lot of fav things like fav movie, and i think thats when you get negged here because also its not really about computer security or computers exept that its got a chip in it.
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    I do see his point though, take for example:

    XP:Uninstall Prob. Today at 02:24 PM
    Topic Started By: DISLEX | Last Reply By: Maverick811
    Thread Is In: Newbie Security Questions | Total Replies: 8
    The AntiPoint Status Of This Thread Is Currently: suicidal

    Why is this suicidal? There are no negative comments in this thread, it was just started, and it was usefull and tech related!!!! Although I do agree that anti-points are not to be taken personally, just let it slide.
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