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Thread: My Last Hurrah

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    Post My Last Hurrah

    I have been away from this site for about three weeks now. In that time, a lot of changes have come around. The general attitude of this site is much poorer, and I see virtually no information.

    I used to be a regular poster, but for sometime I've noticed that the quality of AO has been going down. So I'm not going to post anymore. I may visit once in awhile, but that's about it.

    Lately, I've been focusing on my own studies. I've left high school two years early in order to attend college, as a CSE major. I'm still sixteen, to those of you who've kept track. (Thanks Mom..)

    I hope people here start improving their attitudes and the quality of their posts. Don't disparage everything. Just because someone has done some stupid things is no need to attack them. Writing a book about how to decieve people, and therefore prevent it, is no reason to attack them. Whatever his past faults are, they lie in the past. Leave them there.

    As for the fact that many people have hacked his servers...his famous. Everyone wants to think that they're better than him. So out of every one thousand script kiddies trying to use the latest buffer overflow attacks and such, one gets lucky every two days. No reason to go against Mitnick.

    But I regress, that's not the only thing. The site itself has almost no information now. Its become a social gathering, where people hold themselves up to be higher than anyone else, but taking away from others. I'm sick of that.

    I'm off to find real knowledge. See you guys sometime later, may-be.

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    Blah, blah, blah - it's been a while since I've read one of these "I'm leaving, feel sorry for me, you guys suck" threads. Can't say that I miss them. If you don't like the site, don't come back. You don't need to make a big stink of it.

    And besides, you say there is no information or content? Now that Jupiter changed the front page to reveal only security related content, I believe that there is plenty of good information flowing around now...
    - Maverick

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    Uhg. . .I've only been here for a few months and I'm tired of this whining. . . The kids in elementary school whine less! Geez, get outta here already if ya don't like the site!

    You think the quality has gone down? It's threads like this that truely do bring it's quality down, and as soon as people stop whining about crap like this. . .I can truely enjoy it again!
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    I'm w/ you Mobius, this place sucks, I'm out!! Oh wait. . .no I'm not, heh heh, I don't care. . .I just come here hoping to read some useful stuff. There should be atleast a couple more of these, 'I'm leavin' posts'. They always seem to come in groups.
    Every now and then, one of you won't annoy me.

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    I'm sure there are much younger people here than you Mobius, who are tougher and don't whine as much as you do,
    or as every so called 'quitter' does.
    If you think the quality has gone down, I think not, with all technical info on the main page without the GCC-stuff,
    I've learned more than all the general stuff was there.
    Today I saw someone had picked a tut from Rioter which was first at 25-05-2002. Now that's what I call not a whiner and eager to learn.

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    I think it was a mistake to eliminate non-security related posts from the main page. I posted a hardware question a week ago and it has had only one response, telling me it was in the wrong catagory. (I moved it to try to get it to show up on the main page before i knew what the deal was, I failed.) I usually post casual on this site, responding to whatever catches my eye on the main page, and only check the forums when I have time, and I think alot of other people do the same, and as a result, there is less decent conversation going on here. I don't have time to weed through all the posts on all the forums to carry on casual discussion. sure, this is a computer security site, but it is also a community of computer security enthusiasts, who have other interests they want to share with like-minded individuals, and that has been made more difficult and time consuming, i think that's a shame.
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    I agree w/ acid, and I would've replied to your question about running two vid cards(one PIC and one VGA), but I'm still trying to get mine to work right.
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    x acidreign x > I moved your post from Cosmos to GCC because your question wasn't Cosmos-related at all
    I can understand you wanted to get in on the main page, but Cosmos definitely wasn't the forum to post it in...

    Here's something to add to your bookmarks:
    View New Posts . You'll find that link at the Forum Index. It basically gives you the same overview the front page used to (covers all forums). That way you won't have to crawl through all forums anymore.

    Hope this helps.

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