Check out this NYT article .

When I first saw this I thought it was a joke. But it seems it's not.

Here a short version of the story:
A scientist, Susumu Tachi, has a raincoat that is partly invisible! Well, really it's not, but that how it looks. The thing is that the scientis has a videocamera-system that can project video onto a special fabric. So what is actually happening is he's recording what's behind the raincoat and projects it to the front-side of it. Neat!

I bet the army can find this useful for camouflage - if they can develop the system further. But this inevention can probably be used for lots of stuff. How about free enterance to the movies and the girls locker room?

More stories about the invisible coat here:

And WTF has this to do with security, you might say? Such a cool invention deserves to hit the front page!