A Danish company, Secunia, is starting their own vulnerabilities list because of what they perceive as bias from SecurityFocus since being bought by Symantec:

"The problem with SecurityFocus is not that they moderate the lists, but the fact that they deliberately delay and partially censor the information," said Thomas Kristensen, CTO of Secunia, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. "Since they were acquired by Symantec they changed their policy regarding BugTraq. Before they used to post everything to everybody at the same time. Now they protect the interests of Symantec, delay information and inform their customers in advance."
Former SecurityFocus CEO, Art Wong (now a VP with Symantec) said:

"What I can tell you is that we never delay posting any message to BugTraq. And everyone gets access to the messages at the same time
Here is the article: Symantec Defends Bugtraq Policies

I am curious whether anyone else feels that SecurityFocus/Bugtraq is now withholding info that may compete with or embarass Symantec or if you feel that they delay the release of information so they can notify their paying customers first.

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