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Thread: "Math Quizzer" Program

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    "Math Quizzer" Program

    Hey All,

    I made this little program when students at my school needed something to help them study for the GATB (General Aptitude Test Battery). The test has 4 sections to it (for police testing, anyways), with one having basic math questions. The catch is it's a timed test, where you have 6 minutes to complete 50 questions, getting progressily harder. (objective is to complete as many as possible within the allowed time)

    So anyways, 3 students asked me to create a program that can "blitz" them with math questions. So I created the "Math Quizzer".

    I'm posting it here, because there's no other place I know of to get contructive criticism.
    (note: I made it with Turing, so it's DOS based, with no GUI interface.)

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    Hey tyger_claw,
    If this is supposed to be done in your head, I'd try to make the divisions a bit more simple, or at least only check it to 1 decimal place. Other than that it's not a bad little quiz program. If I am assuming wrong, and we can use paper and pencil, then it looks good to me.
    Good work!
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    During the GATB test, you are allowed a scratch pad for calculation.

    I hear ya on the division issue for decimal place, I'm looking into changing that.

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