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Thread: Microsoft restructures MSCE/MCSA for Win2003

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    Microsoft restructures MSCE/MCSA for Win2003

    Yup, they're at it again. There will be no consolidation this time around. Looks like the exams will be more detailed and you will need to do a little extra work to get your cert for Windows 2003.

    Personally, I'm not going to bother this time around. I'd rather diversify and grab some forensic certs instead.


    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the heads up.

    I had started off pursuing the NT MCSE, then I stopped when they talked about scrapping it for the Windows 2000 MCSE. I achieved the MCSE2k (and coincidentally the MCSA at the same time based on the tests I had taken).

    I understand that they come out with new products and that someone with an NT MCSE is not necessarily qualified to be a .NET MCSE. However, instead of making one obsolete and having people start over and requiring that people pay hundreds or thousands to take classes and tests every year perhaps there is a better way. Many people can't get their companies to cover this stuff any more in these economic times.

    Why can't they set it up so that there is a continuing education requirement to stay current? Make the MCSE annually renewable and have certain requirements that must be met to maintain certification? Like the CISSP, this seems like it might be a better solution than asking everyone to start over or constantly phasing out certifications that people worked so hard for.

    It would also reduce confusion over the use of the MCSE title. If you say you're an MCSE now does that mean MCSE NT or MCSE 2K. If you say it in a year will it mean MCSE NT, MCSE 2K or MCSE .NET?

    Many people eventually cave and go get the certifications because there are those in the industry that require such things, but every time Microsoft makes one of these announcements everyone gets ticked off and says they aren't doing it. Instead of alienating those that support and evangelize their products they should figure out how to make changes to the certification process without causing so much turmoil.

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