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Thread: Speak your mind tried for treason??

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    During WWI two Americans broadcast over Berlin radio about how they opposed the war. At the end of the war they were extradited to the US and tried and convicted of Treason.

    During WWII an American known as Tokyo Rose broadcast in Japan her anti American sentiment and encouraged the ALLIED troops to surrender. She her self after the war was extradited and Tried and Convicted of treason. Although she was pardoned a few years later.

    Peter Arnette Went on Iraqi TV and spoke his mind as most of you know.

    Now they want to try him for Treason.

    To be convicted of Treason in the US you need the following.
    Have more then one person Witness your actions.

    And you had to help the enemy or provide comfort in some way.

    The US Senator that wants to Try Peter Arnette says well we have more then 2 witnesses The entire world saw his comments
    and the Senator also says Peter Arnette Encouraged the Enemy by saying the Allied Troops were failing their mission. And that encouragement offered comfort to the Iraqi Troops and government.

    The Senator also says that New Zealand the birthplace of Peter Arnette says they will extradite him to the US if he attempts to go to NZ.

    Peter Arnette although born in NZ is a US Citizen.

    Do you think he should be tried for treason?

    Also here is a list of Americans who might suffer according to Polls because of their Anti War Stance.

    Dixie Chicks
    Michael Moore.
    The guy that plays the President on West Wing.
    and a few others I wasn't able to hear them all.
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    I dont think that he should be tried for treason, but I know about what the Dixie Chicks and what they did is said while hosting a concert in britian is something like "Were ashamed that Bush is from Texas," They are just being persecuted by some people that didnt like what they said. The people that protest what they said have total rights in the U. S to do so. So I dont beleive that Arnette should be tried for treason but I believe that the Dixie Chicks deserve to be hated a little for what they said because it was uncalled for and they shouldnt have discouraged Bush in a country that already is against what he's saying, they should be more supportive.

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    But if they are to be "more supportive" and that goes against their opinion, doesn't that defeat the notion of freedom of speech? One of the tenets of the US -- and other countries, Canada included -- was the right to criticize the government without fear. During the 1700s if you criticized the King you were beheaded.

    As Voltaire said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." (Source) And that should be more important than just what they say. (and that source for the Voltaire quote has some other interesting quotes including the following from President Thomas Jefferson: "If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union or to change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it."

    One of the things about freedom of expression is that we'll often hear things we don't like or don't agree with (e.g., "niggers are ignorant", "whites are *******s", "jews are part of a giant conspiracy to control the world's money", etc.). If someone expresses their opinoin and you don't agree, just thank them for being an American (or what-ever-nationality) and holding forth one of the most important ideals -- the ability to express ideas without fear.
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    He didn't betray the U.S. Peter Arnett is just a really flexible guy. I mean, could you imagine being able to stick BOTH of your feet in your mouth at the same time AND still stay standing. Unbelievable!! Houdini would be proud of that!!!

    He's no traitor, he just wants to be the center of attention, have a "break-through". He has always been an "objective" view point during military incursions and for him not to shine probably *****ed at his ego. Primadonna, and that goes for the rest of them.
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