I now have my computer back up and running but not after having to reinstall XP. Heres what happened.

I got the bright idea to change my logon screen, and boot screen pics. I changed to logon screen no problem, but when I changed the boot screen, Windows XP would not let me boot up to windows. I tried Safe Mode with Command prompt to try to put the backup files I made back into my system folder. But it would load the drivers then sit Idle for about 10 seconds then reboot. By the way the two files I changed were logonui.exe and ntoskrnl.exe.

After not being able to boot up into safe mode and last know good configuration I put in the Operating System disc. I then went to the repair console to try to copy the file that way, but when I tried to get into the directories where I saved the backups it said Access denied.

So anyway I ended up using some restore disks. But I'm puzzled at what might of happened. Why I couldn't get into my files.