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Thread: Did u check the IP Address locator

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    Did u check the IP Address locator

    Hi guys ,

    I think there is some problem with the ip address locator

    If i give any ip address starting with (192.168.36.*) It is showing the same place in california.

    Further isf i give a dail up connection address in India.It gets sucked up.!!

    can anyone plz explain what it means??

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    An Ip is like an home adress it locates specific users and the 192.168 is the part i think where it tells the state or something has to do and so 192.168 is the first part for all the computers running in that part. so if we all lived in one sity all are adresses the first part such as your 192.168 thats what all ours would start with. And it so happens that i live in california that yea thats what they start with here. I am also not sure exatly what your question was.

    >Hope that helped
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    192.168 designates a private network. It is an address range you can use in a home network if you have many computers behind a router providing a single connection to the internet, or in a large corporation where you encouter the same type situtation. My assumption would be that the database creator added an entry that said all IPs from the 192.168 network would be located in Marina Del Rey, California, United States. (possibly the creators home town? I dunno)...

    Also could you further explain what you mean by the address get's "sucked up"


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