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Thread: Why is this?

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    Question Why is this?

    Well i haven't been here to long at AO but again it seems to be that most people don treally listen to what newbies have to say really. It seems sometimes that some people here at AO think since were newbies we don't know anything. And also some of those senior members are out there to get us newbies banned. Cause if you see how many people are banned its usually because a senior member has asigned them a neg and they get a major drop in their antipoint. Is this because some of us have to earn our way or just hope for the best. I know i haven't been negged a lot because i haven't posted that much. And once you post something bad its neggggggggggggggs for you. They never stop coming.

    Why is this?

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    As very much said before, there a lot of serious people here, but there are also some ****os ( even seniors )
    who abuse the AP-system, and give this system a bad name.
    I wouldn't worry about it if I where you. Just post valuable things, help people, and be eager to learn.

    I too have noticed there are newbies with a lot of knowledge, but those mostly come on the front very rapidly
    and get positives by letting see what they know and earn the respect they deserve.

    Oh and btw, I think this one should go in general chit chat

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