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Thread: Windows Media Player Help.

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    Windows Media Player Help.

    Hi there,

    My windows media player is not running some avi files where as it runs the others. The problem with those few avi files is that I can hear the sound and the status bar moving but the video freezes on the first frame itself.

    I have divx codecs installed as well as wmpcd codecs. I also installed the Indeo codecs but still the problem is not solved. I have tried running the problematic avi video files in windvd, real player as well as divx player too. But it does not seem to be of any help. Only the sound is coming and the video itself freezes in the very beginning.

    Please advise what could be the possible problem and how to take care of it. Do I need to download some new codecs.

    Thanks a lot.


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    you are missing a codec, probably the xvid codec, install divx total pack, its a package of the most common codecs around and works very well.

    Get it here: http://www.divx-digest.com/software/...otal_pack.html
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    yup that sounds like a missing divx codec to me, I had the same problem. I just downloaded global divx player, you can find it @ www.download.com, just do a search, it should pop up.

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    You can find the exact codec of ANY avi file using GSPOT found here:


    It will tell you which codec the file uses, weather or not you have it installed. Nice little utility to have around
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