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Thread: bsd 4.6 help

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    bsd 4.6 help

    I just installed FreeBSD on my other machine. X-sever is up and running but having trouble loading other packages. like kde and such. I have made any accounts on here yet but,
    when I so a ls this is all i see
    # ls
              .profile  .ksh . ..
    What I'm i doing wrong and how can I install the rest of the system.
    thanks in advance.

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    easiest way to fix your problem, IMO, would be to boot up, put your install disk in, and type '/stand/sysinstall'. Then pick, I think it's, Post Install Configuration and go to the packages selection, and make sure that you have a window manager installed. . .if this help kewl, if not, sorry, I guess I don't really understand the problem.
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