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Thread: What OS should we use?

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    Question What OS should we use?

    My classmates ask me: why do you use linux? windows is much easier, isn't it? So who should use Linux and who should keep on using windows?

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    Whatever OS you understand best and are most comfortable with. Asking someone who is a windows geek to use *nix and to lock it down isn't really good. They'd be better off locking down Windows, which they'd already understand well. Same applies vice-versa.
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    It really depends on the needs and interests of the individuals in question. There are many people who like the idea of a *nix system, but don't want to fidget with sources, for reasons of time management, to get installations to work correctly so they run with a windows system. Conversely, there are those that have all the time in the world but not the inclination to learn anything about the computers.
    Each of the platforms has their advantages including variations in stability, security, scalability, etc. The only way to know who would get what would be to take all these things into consideration and then adapt the OS to that individual.

    Ms Mittens is also correct in her assertion that comfort has a lot to do with it. I am most comfortable in a *nix environment where as many of my peers won't touch it. It's for the better really. How much are each of these individuals willing to go through to see what the differences are and why someone would chose one over another?
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    I also agree that there is no single right or best operating system. Some are better than others at some things and some are just better for particular users.

    While I know that there are emulators and applications available to run Windows programs and such in Linux, I think the single biggest argument for an average user to stick with Windows is volume.

    If they are novice to average users who buy their computer equipment and software mainly from Best Buy they will find about 7 aisles of Windows-based software and maybe half a shelf of Linux software. The same can be said for the Mac OS.

    Again, I am not saying Windows is technically superior or that it isn't possible to make these things work in Linux or on a Mac or even that there might not be alternative solutions that are better as well. Windows software is easier for the novice to average user to find, install and use in my opinion.

    Asking someone who is a windows geek to use *nix and to lock it down isn't really good
    I also second this point. I am often asked which OS is more secure - Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. My answer is - whichever one you know how to secure. I am sure that they each have their pros and cons and some may be inately more secure than others, but if you don't know anything about the operating system you're dealing with its hard for you to secure it properly.

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    I've dabbled in all of the operating systems and the only comment I have to this is that convenience is what decides it.

    The average consumer uses Windows because Microsoft markets their product the best. Macintosh with their OSX is becoming popular, though properitary hardware makes using this software expensive for most users.

    Linux is just all around good stuff for people who know what they want to do with a computer and have the patience to do it. Linux is good if you want to learn alot, and want to become involved in the "Open Source" community.

    To sum it up, money, convenience, and sheer stubborness typically decide what OS most people use.


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    At the risk of repeating what has already been said, I agree that different operating systems are better for different purposes and for different users. *nix systems architecture are widely claimed to be more stable, secure and efficient with resources than Windows variants. But there are few people with the knowledge or time to learn the intricacies of *nix systems in comparision to the intuitive Windows user interface.

    If your question was in regard to security I imagine there are two factors to consider. First the recognised security problems with the MS approach. Secondly the amount of knowledge the user has to successfully run and correctly configure (for security) a *nix distribution.

    I know there are many *nix fans out there that can argue the benefits of a particular distro over a version of windows, but the unfortunate reality is that they are difficult for non technical gurus to learn. Speaking from personal experience (at different stages I have run Win95, 98, 2KPro, 2K Server, XP Pro, Mandrake 6.0, Red Hat 7.1 and at uni I used a few Unix systems) I have found Windows to be the easiest to use on many different levels. Sure there is a heap I am not happy about, but I found with Linux it was very difficult to install and configure components (sound cards, printers, some software etc). I fully acknowledge that this is due to my lack of specific knowledge needed for using Linux, but I don't think the average computer user would know either. So I guess I am saying Linux would be nice, but unless you have the know-how to configure it correctly it may not be the better option from a security perspective.


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    My comment will be quick because everything has already been said about this (read the similar threads, you will find many answers I'm sure).
    If you don't want to bother you with technical stuff and/or only use your computer to play, go directly to Windows. If you want to learn, do serious things in a stable system you will be able to highly configure and secure, welcome in the Linux world.
    It's really a matter of choice.

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    as it stands, i don't know Linux that well, but i've waded around in it. right now at my college we're doing a module on it, so i expect after i really understand what i'm doing in it, i'll use Linux more often.

    personally, i like Linux over Windows because it just seems to be a lot more fun. besides, it looks better, anyway
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    Re: What OS should we use?

    Every OS is good for some reason and bad for another,there are two sides of a single coin, if u r using computers just for fun or little bit of work and u do not care about what this machine is and why,u can go for any OS,onthe other hand if u want to know its internal u go for tech. things where u will find something more complex rules like DEADLOCKS,SEQURITY,PERFORMANCE,RELIABLITY,and so many but remeber mouse if 8 times slower than keyboard and depends on yr use.

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    Like everyone says- there is no one os for everyone.

    For gamers, windows is the only choice. xp or 2000 are the only stable versions of windows- so its one of those two.

    For people who like to tinker and antiestablishment types, free bsd and the like are the best.

    For the ignorant/illiterate,osx is best (kidding)
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