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Thread: Programming Language

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    Programming Language

    What do people consider to be the most useful programming language to use. Just wondering.
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    I have used a few different languages but I am by no means a programming guru. I have used VB, VC++, PERL, and a little Javascript.

    My basic opinion is that it depends on what your goal is. C++ may be great for building an application from the ground up, but doesn't fulfill the same role as say PERL or PHP.

    I also think it depends some on which you're comfortable with. If you are a guru in C++ and have no experience in PERL you may do a much better job writing your program in the language you are most comfortable with.

    But, good code I think is fundamental and transcends individual languages. I think if you have good skills in one language it doesn't take as much to pick up another language and write good code there as well.

    In the end, I'll stick with my opinion that they have niches and fulfill different roles and you have to select the language that meets the needs of the program you are trying to write.

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    First of all, read through some of the forums. This question comes up quite often.

    Secondly, there is no all time number one language. Everything has a purpose, and can only achieve that purpose.

    The more knowledge you have of programming in general, the better you will be at all programming languages. Basic formats of languages are the same, so when you get to be a "Grandmaster" in one language, then you can apply that knowledge to a different language. It doesn't take much to learn different languages once you become proficient in one language.


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    buddy if u r thinking of learning ur first language then i will say you should first go for c/c++ then in a years time when you have mastered these languages go for VC++ these three languages are realy nice languages specially VC++.

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    Used C programming language ,master it then u can go to c++ or VC++ then in a year you will master about the programming concept ,now you can understand all of programming language

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    DelTarra is right different languages have different purposes such as C/C++ good language to learn but different use from Java or PHP. So it really depends on what your going to do. But most likely C++ is for mostly a lot of things but if your wanting to make web sites learn Java or PHP or whichever you shall choose.
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    I have used many program languages such as Assembly,Mips,C++,VC++,Visual Basic....
    those are different if you need it for hardware programming you can use assembly .... for other programming issues you can use visual basic becuase it is so easy .... and you can learn it quiqly.................

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    Yeah, start with vb and then i suggest you to start C, or C++. Also i heard that Borland Delphi 8.0 will run the application which you create with it on M$ Windows and Linux too, wthout any change of the code from you. Nice idea, for me it's the a very important change on programming.

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    I think that you should learn lots of different languages. There isn't just one 'GREAT' language for you to learn that will have everything. All of the languages out there have their pro's and con's. You should learn as many languages as you see fit for what your going to use them for. Everybody has their own opinion for what you should start off with. Any language really is a good language to start with, no matter what your learning something of importance.


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    I've done JAVA2, C++, VB and I am currently doing assembly.

    I consider C++ is probably the most useful for little command line apps that do advanced thing, VB is good for frontends and dbase stuff.

    assembly is just plain blindingly fast and small
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