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Thread: school assignment

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    school assignment

    Hey every one,
    for a school assignment i have to get a virus sorce code, it can be any virus but it has to be the sorce code and i was wondering where you could get that sort of thing apart from this site

    p.s no smart arse remarks please

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    there probably is a site somewhere dedicated to collecting loads of virus source, but i am not into looking for such things so i am unaware of any. perhaps someone else more enthusasticaly involved in the "virus scene" will post some mind blowing links.

    i was wondering, have you checked a search site for virus source sites?
    and i also wondered what is wrong with the virus source on this site?
    and finally, i just wondered there, if it occured to you to search for source for a specific virus in hopes of stumbling across a super virus source site?
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    Try Google.

    That has several of the popular email viruses that have gone around in recent years. Google helps tremendously


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    www.hack3r.com has a section on computer viruses in there library.
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    www.networkpunk.com has a lot of virri source code enjoy
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