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Thread: IP tracing

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    I don't know if you can. Web-based emails tend not to show full header information. Check your options or personal preferences (whatever the site calls it) and see if there is an option to see full headers.

    Ideally, collecting your email with a program like Eudora or some other email program would allow you to see the header info.
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    To grab info about an IPaddy there still some olmd fashion:
    Traceroute is good to give you the last router IP address and name (if the router accept to reply ICMP unreachable & main ISP does).
    From the name u can deduce the ISP and sometimes the city.
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    u may use not only trace route but ...things like www.visualroute.visualware.com or other programms to trace an ip... like neotrace....but i dont dont know what is happening if someone uses a proxy...like in the case of IRC .. and the person has loggined....u see another ip...and still how do i trace am email? on linux..or without eudora...

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    I found an interesting site that has some usefull and easy to use tools for operations like IP tracing.

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    E-mails are only traceable to a person who is not trying to hide. You can trace e-mails from their headers but often times these are incomplete or have spoofed information. Also there are still mailers that allow annoymous mail/relaying which means once you get to that mailer you've really got no where else to go. (Unless the owner of the mailer feels like letting you paw through his logs which is not likely to say the least.) REMEMBER: The only thing a clever attacker needs to become anonymous is 1 compromised machine.

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