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Thread: A wonderful project

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    A wonderful project

    I just had a great aapportunity to be involved in a project called network admin developed in vc++.I will be honest with u i am no VC++ guru it was my first major experience with a project in vc++.and certainly it is a great language.ok may be not everyone out there will agree but my experience in last one month or so says it certainly is.talking of that project right now i can't post a source code because it is meant to go for project presentation in college but within a month or so i will post that project along with a tut.
    for some of you who are wondering what does this project do,suppose you have a server ,and 3 more pc's in ur college lab now this network admin will allow user at server to view what is going on all othere pc's u can view their desktop adnd all other processes and u are capable of closing any process on those computers even shutdown or reboot that pc.
    oh yes it has used socket programming bitmaps ad so much more that is why i think it is a great language may be a bit difficult to stat with.
    see you all.

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    I reckon you should go for it you may learn alot

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    well i agree with you on vc++ it is a great languages specially for all those network programmers it is a great help . and i will watch out for that tut of urs along with a source code.can u suggest any books on socket programming in VC++

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