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Thread: Senna Spy Trojan Horse?

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    Question Senna Spy Trojan Horse?

    Can anyone tell me what a senna spy trojan horse is and what it does?

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    well a trojan horse is a back door program basically if some one loads a trojan horse on your computer then they can access your computer from anywhere (Remote Administration) another similar program is back orifice which you can find more info on www.cultdeadcow.com just give the website a try I love it and I am sure you will


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    Well, I have not heard of the Senna trojan that you mentioned. The only Senna (sp?) I know is the late, great Ayrton Sena. The most exciting F1 driver of the past 20 years...in my humble opinion. I would actually like to know what kind of characteristics a cracker might incorporate into a piece of code with such an ostentatious name. I don't mean to bore the non-speed geeks among us, but if indeed the name is a conscious reference to Ayrton then the programmer responsible MUST be aware that in choosing such a name the little wormy must portray certain elements. Speed, charisma, efficiency & passion to name a few. Good luck living up to the task.
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    Interesting little trojan. I hadn't heard of it until you mentioned it. Apparently, this a flexible trojan, where items can be changed by whoever is using it. The last link is the homepage of the trojan (use at your own risk and remember legal implications). It appears the same as other remote admin programs but with that added flexibility of being able to create other sections as is needed.

    Hope this answers your question.



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    it is a trojan creation kit ... it uses visual basic to build the trojan according to the specifications that you choose ... so you will als need VB installed on your computer ...
    it has alot of configurations so you can make the trojan the way you like ... one thing I noticed is that produces large executables ... there are alot of vb trojans out there with half the size of the trojans that this program can make ...

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    one thing I noticed is that produces large executables

    which is probably why they also have a binder for download. to disquise it as something innocuous
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    Someone I know is getting some regular blocks on this one.

    Date: 9/04/2003 Time: 23:06:19
    Rule "Default Block Senna Spy Trojan horse" blocked (My_Computer(*.*.*.*),13000). Details:
    Inbound TCP connection
    Local address,service is (My_Computer(*.*.*.*),13000)
    Heh, it's blocked so no worries there....

    I traced it back to this :
    OrgName: Cove Software Systems, Inc.
    OrgID: CSS-26
    Address: 100 Cathedral St. Unit #2
    City: Annapolis
    StateProv: MD
    PostalCode: 21401
    Country: US

    Does anyone know em ?

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