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Thread: I need a *2pdf converter

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    Question I need a *2pdf converter

    Emmm... Hello.

    Could you please advise a doc2pdf/txt2pdf converter? I mean FreeWare. I've tried to find it in Yahoo, but it only gives me some shareware.


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    Dear Cyhatch,

    Search on Planetsourcecode.com, I had once come across a pdf convertor to txt2pdf code which you could use to convert the docs.
    I would yet recommend Adobe Acrobat Full, try finding over the net. It is available for download on many warez sites. Still ye tyou want a pdf convertor which is freeware check out www.download.com & search for PDF for many Apps.
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    here are the links

    Thanks! I'm about to download some now!

    If anyone is interested, here are the links I've found (thanks again!):

    1) FREE EASY PDF 2.0
    2) PDFEDIT995 3.15

    The other are paid.

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    this is sort of a ghetto way of doing it, but when i still used windows a few years ago this is what i would do:

    1. go to hp or some other popular printer companies website, and download the driver for a printer that supports .pdf but you don't own.

    2. install it. yes it will pry complain it doesn't detect the hardware, but thats the point.

    3. open your documents in word, hit print. select the printer that you don't own, and click the box that says "print to file." print it to file as a .pdf.

    have fun :P
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