Well I am not really new to this site, I have been "subscribed" for over a year, but this is really the beginning of me actually participating. Tell me if anybody actualy reads this and/or cares A little about myself, I am mainly known as a programmer although I do hack sometimes. My friends sites are the most fun because I don't get in trouble and I get to laugh at them when I find holes. The biggest hack I have done was in standonline.org, I figured out how to get myself free prizes, but like all ethical hackers I told them about the hole and how to fix it. I own my own site, TaylorK.gotdns.com but it is currently under construction because it sucks. The new layout for the site is bigger then the old site, which is pretty sad. My life is not all lived in computers, in fact most of it isn't. My favorite things to do are wrestle, run (cross-country & track), ski, and the sport I am currently in, lacrosse. Also I have a pretty active school life and a 4.0 . Thanks for reading.