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Thread: access the remote pc

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    access the remote pc

    hello guys,

    I have heard IP address is so important to access the remote machine, for example if i have the ip address, then

    how can i access the remote machine.
    how can i make changes in the remote machine.

    please explain me.


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    You call them on the phone and say.

    "Hey, I need access to your PC. Please install remote access software and email me at myemail@liameym.net with my userid and password. I will also need your ip."

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    AO is not intended for this type of topic.

    Using IP addresses to connect to machines is an everyday thing for most IT personnel, however making changes in a remote machine is not legal unless you own the machine are have written consent to do so.


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    I agree with DelTarra if your intent is to access a remote IP address and hack the computer- AO is not intended for that.

    I will play along with Phishphreek80 and give you the benefit of the doubt though. Can you clarify further what your goal is? Is the remote machine yours? Do you know the owner of the remote machine? Are you authorized to access it?

    Assuming you are authorized to access the remote machine there are a variety of ways to do so. Some of the easier ones could be using VNC or if its a Windows XP machine you can have them send you a Remote Help request that allows you to connect to the system and take control.

    But, if your intent is to illegally access a computer you should take your question elsewhere.

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