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Thread: PCMag Spyware Removal Tool Review

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    PCMag Spyware Removal Tool Review

    According to a recent report from research firm GartnerG2, more than 20 million people have installed adware applications (adware being a type of spyware that reports back on a subject's activities to serve up targeted advertising), and this covers only a portion of the spyware on the loose
    PC Magazine has a review of spyware removal tools. From the list of what they reviewed, I have only used Ad Aware and had a good experience with that one.

    It looks like Spybot Search & Destroy got the best results in their review.

    Here is the full article: Spyware

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    Yeah, I read that one too. I routinely use both, and both work fine. Each one seems to catch a couple of things that the other doesn't. One big difference, though--Spybot runs in about 5 minutes on my machine and adaware takes about thirty.

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    I reccomend getting the latest adaware, but also spy sweeper and spy bot. I used to get scanned regulary (port scan), but when i ran all 3 of these programs, they found over 100 spyware programs on my PC.

    Since i removed them all (be careful though if u use kazaa, cos 1 of them is from kazaa and it wont work without it), i have had NO scans in the last 9 days (i used to get at least 8 a day)

    Try it out, they all pick up different things so it may be worhwhile running all 3 !!

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    I have used Ad-aware before, and it is good. After reading your post I downloaded and ran Spybot-Search and Destroy found 35 spybot on my 2 day old OS! I also downloaded SpywareBlaster this blocks spyware from coming back.

    If you do download Spybot to use update first, as it added about 33 more items to it registry just after download.

    here are the web sites:


    SpywareBlaster: http://www.wildererssecurity.net/spywareblaster.html


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