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Thread: BLUEYONDER. Two home win98 pc's and a gun.

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    BLUEYONDER. Two home win98 pc's and a gun.

    Aoíers help!!

    I have one phobia in this cyber world we live in and thatís NIC cards! I donít know what it is but I donít like them and they donít like me. If they even think Iím gonna try and install them they spontaneously break or injure me. My phobia comes from an incident that happened whilst installing a small office network about 6 years ago, to cut a long story short I asked someone to Ďthrowí me a Network Card. A hospital visit and Six stitches later my fear was born.

    Anyway look itís like this. At home I have Blueyonder as my ISP (600k). I have one machine successfully connected to the internet already:
    Win98 > NetScreen Firewall > Webstar Cable Modem > Internet.

    I want to connect another machine:
    Win98 > 4 Port Hub > NetScreen Firewall > Webstar Cable Modem > Internet.

    But for some reason it just will not connect Iíve tested the new 4 port hub and thereís nothing wrong with it. Iíve tested the NIC and that works fine too.

    What I have tried so far:
    - Registering the new NICís Mac address with Blueyonder
    - Manually and automatically assigning IPís
    - Totally formatting the machine and re-installing Win98
    - Put the NetScreen Firewall into transparent mode (incase there where any Mac addressing conflicts)
    - Permit ANY inbound and outbound traffic to the Firewall
    - Swapped all the cables over and trying different variations of cross over and patch cables.

    The damn thing still wont connect. It gets as far as ĎDetecting Proxyí and then ĎThis page cannot be foundí.

    What am I doing wrong? Why do NICs hate me? Whoís stolen my baby sledge hammer?


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    If I'm correct Vice$dos$ you will have to have a router to be able to connect to the internet. I don't think that a hub is capable of connecting to the internet unless its a special kind. What I have is a Nexland 4 port DSL/CABLE router with one want port on the back.

    I plug my network cable from my DSL modem into the wan port. Plug my computers into the network ports on the router, and make sure that everything is set to automatically detect settings. then Voilia, it connects. I also have my router act as a DHCP sever.

    But I think you need to get a router. I might be wrong though.

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    cheyenne sorry you are incorrect.... granted that a router would be better than a hub but he doesn't need one... he has a cable modem see...

    Vice... I take it you have two win98 machines hooked up via the hub going through to the firewall and then through to the modem.. yeah? Do you have the firewall plugged into the WAN port of the hub and do you then have the modem plugged intot he WAN port of the firewall? If so can the one Win98 machine that has previously been able to connect still connect? If it can....I'd say try replacing the cat5 cable to the other win98 machine that can't connect - maybe you have a cracked cable. Have you tried connecting the win98 machine that can't currently connect directly to the net without the firewall or hub attached? Does it?

    If the win98 machine that used to be able to connect cannot connect once you have the hub switched on.... I think you might have to have a chat with blueyonder

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