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Thread: Bot's?

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    I want have downloaded a bot (Darkbot) but i was having some problems and i stopped running it. I also have downloaded an other bot, a better one, a very good copy of eggdrop(Linux) in windows. Darkbot was good as it was able to see the replies of the chatters and reply as you were setting. But a very big bug was that it couldn't search on the post but it was editting the as they were.
    Bot's are good if they can be running all day-night on a server and work as a FAQ of the channel.
    For example. I was running the bot on a channel that was about the aliens called SETI@Home but who would know about this project, so i set a part of the topic of the channel:"Write HELP to learn more about this channel". Then the bot was going to reply and showing to the user a list of topic and FAQs about this project. So with this bot they could understand more about this project. It was working fine, but i don't have a server.

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    Originally posted here by Girl_for_Tech
    I'm not too terribly worried or anything, i was just reading a conversation steve gibson had with a hacker, that knew another 13 year old hacker that may have taken down his site a while ago. Apparently a hacker named "boss" might have been helping this kid with his bots and gibson was trying to see why the 13 year old "wicked" was attacking him. In the converstation gibson had let the hacker "boss" know that he had made a bot and was listening in on "boss" and one of his friends taking about these "zombies". I looked for the link over at grc.com but i couldnt find it, its probably stored somewhere over there but i couldnt locate it. The way their conversation was going just made me think for a minute, since i use IRC. Thnks for the info guys.
    I think I understand your confusion about bot's...or now I do as soon as I noticed the name Steve Gibson...here is a wonderful article on one of his "accomplishments" http://www.theregister.com/content/archive/24189.html
    or for hours of entertainment do a quick search on the register about him. If you want to learn about system security there are many wonderful sites on the web, AO is one of them...any thing with Gibsonís name on it isn't...I believe the term barking mad applies nicely to him.

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    Bots aren't just programs on IRC. There are a bunch that run on ICQ, AIM, MSN messenger, ect. now. Most of them are basically just advertisement bots for porn sites, but a friend of mine wrote one that contacts random males in the us betweent the ages of 18 and 25 under teh guise of being a 17 year old girl. Then it attempts to have cyber sex with them. It evaluates the text responces, searches for keywords and then generates a responce based on those keywords.

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    There are a few good books out there on developing bots, spiders, and intelligent agents. You can learn to do them in about any language you'd like, and about any platform. It's not incredibly difficult and a wealth of information and source code can be found on google.

    When it comes to bots spying in irc, they'll look like any other user and may or may not respond to you if you speak to them. I have an irc bot written with vb that has the ability to log everything all sorts of ways....it's really not all that difficult.
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    A friend of mine got his hands on an irc bot that is a DDos tool. It scans for a certain vulnerability, exploits it, and whoever (home user, webserver, etc) into a slave. Having 200-300 slaves, you can do a lot of damage. I'm not glorifying this bot, just wanted to share.

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