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Thread: all about C++

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    all about C++

    I found good site to learn about C ++

    Cprogramming.com is a web site designed to help you learn C or C++ and provide you with C and C++ programming resources. The Getting Started with C++ section gives advice about learning C++. Learn from our C++ tutorials, or test your programming knowledge with the C++ MegaQuiz.
    find here to see books, references and some tutorials

    Listed on this page are some C and C++ books that are considered to be good books on the subject by many programmers. Included here are C tutorials, C++ tutorials, books on efficient coding in C++, references on the C++ language and C programming language, etc.
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    Cprogramming.com is a real popular website. Thanks for the second link though.

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    yah c programming is becoming popular with time going by thanks for links

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    Thanks for the site man.Great!

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    I needed that.
    i have been doing a little bit in perl and a little c(++).
    I needed that.

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    I signed up with experts-exchange and paid for the account still couldn't get a strait answer there. Ive had more help at this site than any other site thanks to Mathgirl... too bad she got a job now and cant hang around more. thanks for the link Ill check it out.

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    Yes I know that sites and thats really nice site for c or c++ programming .
    Thanx to remind us .Great !!!

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    I prefer my doccumentation in book form. If you feel like investing the $25, "C++ in Plain English" by Brian Overland is excelent both as reference material and as a step-by-step tutorial, and well worth the money.
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    "C++ in Plain English" by Brian Overland is excelent both as reference material and as a step-by-step tutorial, and well worth the money.
    That is a good reference book, but it doesnt completly explain in detail. For a newbie C++ programmer, defiently i would recommend "Practical C++ Programming" written by Steve Oualline. It is an O'Reilly book, and i like their style of programming and their examples. Also, you should try out "Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days". That is a good newbie book about C++ programming, but i dont see how someone would want to read it in 21 days and completly understand everything there is to understand. Also, about www.cprogramming.com, it is a good site, but i dont think they do a super good job of updating it. I dont know, they never have challenges up that are help free...
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    For C++ programming I really like Deitel & Deitel "C++ How to Program" and of course the ultimate authority, Stroustrup "The C++ Programming Language."

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