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Thread: Question of the Week!

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    Question Question of the Week!

    Monday Already?

    If you could have one SysAdmin or Security task automated, what would it be?

    I'd make the machine automatically reboot when the users do stupid things to it.
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    lock the comp, and pop-up with a 'problem lies between keyboard and chair' error, and the only way to unlock it would be to type in 'I'm unworthy of your mighty power!"
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    It would be an automatic shutdown. I have two labs here, and it's my job to shut them down every night, and turn them back on every morning. I just wish, I could set an automatic timer. I know, it's not very security related, but it is this little admin's job, and I wish it could be automated.
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    How about everytime they reached for the phone to call me for something idiotic... online helps pops up?

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    A button on the tower... everytime the user *****ed up the OS, they could push the button and it would reboot with the ghost software and automatically reghost the machine with a clean image.

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    what exactly is the process of "ghosting"?

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