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    Question Remote Controll

    My ISP uses NAT'd ip's meaning I cannot connect to it (using PCA, VNC etc) while I'm at work, unless I leave it connected to my works VPN (which I don't want to do)

    Does anyone know of any way that I can make my home pc connect to the vpn when I tell it to (for example with an email or instant message) so I can connect to it, or some other software that will make my pc initiate the connection, and then allow me to controll it remotely?

    or any other ways around the NAT?

    Cheers for any help

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    I know some people have had luck using a dynamic dns application.
    This depends on how your ISP has implemented NAT.

    What that does is...

    You run a client dynamic DNS program on your PC. It will update the IP of your PC on the dynamic DNS providers server at specified intervals. There are clients for both m$ and *nix.

    so... you pick a name like: mycomputer.dyndns.org

    It will have IP that your ISP has for you.

    Check out www.dynu.com and www.dyndns.org and give em a whirl. They are free for the basic service. There are also other services out there. Just do a search of dynamic DNS providers.

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    sorry, didn't really make myself clear.

    The IP I get assigned is from a private range (10.x.x.x). They then use a hide NAT for me to access the internet. so outgoing connections are fine, but incoming are a big no no


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    You can do it with a rule in Outlook 2000 or better. I have the VpN set up to autoconnect without the request for a password etc. I have the rule functioning I just don't have time to work out how to call the VPN connection directly from the outlook rule. It doesn't like the shortcuts I created but if you can find a way to call it directly then you should be in business.

    let me know how to call it directly if you work it out.
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    You can do it with PC-Anywhere if you can get your ISP to give you a static tcp and UDP port allocation. I did this for a customer whose ISP was very obliging we had a very similar issue as you and the recommend this solution.
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    hey, thats a good idea about the IM/Email thing...
    you could easily re-write an email client to do some simple
    tasks, file handling/FTP Server, etc...

    depending on what you want the client to do, it shouldn't be too hard of a project...
    i've written a few remote applications that use AIM as the medium...
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