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Thread: DLink DFL300

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    DLink DFL300

    I just purchased the DLink DFL300 Router/Firewall. Seems to have some pretty nifty features such as 1 to 1 IP Mapping. Anyone ever use this firewall? Any opinions on it? Thanks.
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    i havent tried The DFL-300 mate, but i saw it is quiet good ...
    i read it features SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection), Detect/Drop intruding packets (DoS and Hacker attacks), embedded VPN, DMZ port, multiple-mapped IPs, multiple virtual servers, and server load balancing, so i think it is quiet good security.

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    I have a D-Link Router but it is different type (not at home so I don't have the Info) but it is also very relayable, I have had no problumes and it is still holding strong after 2 years.
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    How much dose one of those run....I am curently looking at giveing my poor BSD box a rest and utilising a firewall/router for my home network. Would this be an affordable solution

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