Hey everyone,

I was thinking about starting a very small web hosting service, but I first wanted to consider all the security and stuff.

I've used Tripod once before, and theyoffer chrooted cgi access, but with limited capabilities. Sockets are disabled, as well as system, fork, and other similiar commands. Does anyone know how they disable those commands? I mean do they use a modified perl interpreter or something?

Also, about ads. If I wanted to put ads to support the cost, how would I configure my server to automatically put an ad at the top of every served page?

One more thing: I had my website hosted on tripod once before, and I had a free hostname from ods.org (open domain server). So I created a CNAME record to point my whatevername.ods.org to my whatevername.tripod.com, but, after I gave it some time to update, I typed in whatevername.ods.org and it brought me to the front page of tripod.com. Anyone know how they did that either?