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Thread: Business Needing to be started

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    Business Needing to be started

    I'm just tossing this idea around and curious to see what type of business I can be starting, one goal in life is to be an etrepeuner, is there any business in which you can think of that could have some potential with the right ideas backing it up? Very open ended but I know some people have great ideas, thanks a lot,
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    Go with your skills and what you enjoy..... Then it won't seem quite such hard work.....
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    If you wish to be a etrepeuner I can't help you..

    I couldn't find the meaning in any dictionary.. the_JinX

    /me thinks it has something to do with dead fish or something..
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    So, what are you offering for any ideas I might have? An equity position in your company? A lucrative finder's fee? An Executive VP position? Squat?

    An entrepeneur who starts out with no ideas of his/her own starts out in a disadvantaged position. However, such a negative position can be overcome by purchasing ideas from others -- a proposition your post alludes to....

    So, again, what are you offering?


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    These days unless your a real good whiz kid, who has the right connection you won't go anywhere big. Yoiu should try to get some certifications to land a job at a local Computer Place, where it be an Internet Cafe, Internet Provider, Computer Shop, or other miscellanoses places, As I assume you want to deal with computers, because this is a computer forum.

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    I agree with TigerShark, I mean, geez, what do you like? What are you good at? Write those things down, and then build a business out of that. Even if it's not super successful, you'll at least be happy at what your doing
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