i wasnt to sure where to put this exactly, i was almost thinking tutorials but i didnt write any of it so i decided not to, anyway, alot of you prolly know what CP/M is, its the OS that DOS is based on, well alot of you may have never used it either. i found this site doing my usual "find a new OS to play with" searches, and its kinda cool so go check this out.

If youv never used DOS or CP/M read this:


now, what in the hell are you going to do with these skills you say? well i also put the effort in and found a way for you to play in a CP/M machine, telnet or whatever you use to connect works usually fine, go to this site:


and scroll down, youll see a small icon of an A:> prompt, click on that and telnet or whatever you have pops up and lets your PC connect to and log into a CP/M computer, everything is protected so you cant screw it up, basically that means to me its ok for your oldschool hacker ethics to take over you as you explore without worrying about screwin it up or getting in trouble. this is kinda cool i thought, everyone can find a *NIX box to log into and use but not every day do you see a CP/M box that you can play on, enjoy.