i feel left out lol, im not an old timer, im only 20 and iv only had a computer for 3 years now, i learned quick though...well after a while, for the first few months i couldnt do anything but turn it on myself and go online, but i spent countless hours after that playing with it, it sparkd a curiousity, i wanted to know why it worked how it worked and what else i could make it do, i didnt have any books so it was all trial and a hole lotta error lol, i collect OSs and computer manuals though so i have things that were made before i was lol, i have the floppies for PC - DOS 6.3.
there on IBM floppies, i got em from my unckle. my unckles had computers for a while, he used DR DOS and stuff like that, and also i have a good sence of computer history from my 21 year old best friend, hes been using computers since he was a kid and has alot of older systems.