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    Originally posted here by Wazz
    I just installed Redhat 8 on my lappie and it went off without a hitch. I was even able to configure my Wireless card with no problems and it picked up all the hardware, even drivers that Windows did not pick up that I had to go to manufacturer for! I would go with RH 8 or 9 to start with. Good luck.
    I have to totally agree here. I just did Red Hat 8.0 on my IBM Thinkpad A21M this past weekend. It was like butter......It works perfectly...... No Errors out of box. IT configured Video, DVD Drive (although I haven't tried a DVD as of yet) and the 3COM Type II card I have installed.

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    Report :

    Finally, i decided to install RH 8 into my presario 1200, it's work well till i want to connect it with my ethernet card (my presario doesn't have eth card ) , i have two eth cards from argosy , one with usb port , the other with pcmcia port, how to configure it? my RH 8 didn't detect both of them. Any suggestion? Help me.

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    I just put RH 8.0 on my laptop the other day (wich sucks now that I am downlaoding 9 and have to do it all over again), the only problem that I am running into is I cant configure the battery moniter...other then that just make sure you know your video card type and what type of moniter you have and the moniter config shouldnt be a problem.

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    I installed RH 8 on my compaq n600c, it went with only a single hitch, the touchpad wouldnt work. Since I normally use a usb mouse with my laptop anyway it wasnt a big deal for me, although at one point I did get it working using the drivers created for the synaptics touchpad by an independent group....

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