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Thread: About NStealth

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    Lightbulb About NStealth

    Is N-stealth a good scanner? If it is not , can you recomend another scanner ? I got linux too.

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    Nmap probably reigns supreme when it comes to scanners. If, however, I was scanning a Windows network, I'd use Eeye's Retina as it does a superb job for these kinds of networks, IMHO.

    Other scanner/vulnerability detectors include:

    SAINT (although SAINT's gone commercial )

    SARA (is as up-to-date as SAINT but non-commercial)

    Hope this helps.
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    Nstealth is a http scanner, which probes for misconfigurations on webservers.

    its a good one, but make sure you take off the DOS testing, or you might "beef" the server

    IDS evasion also can miss important stuff, or give false reports


    oh and Nessus is the linux counterpart.

    if your looking for a port scanner use nmap or nmapNT

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    As far as windows portscanner and such, I would advise GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner. Not only does it scan ports, it can idenfity insecure services running on those and provide links to cert warnings, and just generally show what holes need plugging.
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    I was running a Web server for about 2 Months, during that two month period I used N-Stealth to look for exploits and bugs in my server. In my opinion N-Stealth is a excelent scanner. It has a IDS evasion feature which was kinda neat.

    N-Stealth helped me locate 3 exploits in my web site. It provided me with a link to google for each one where I was able to find a solution or work around. It provided me with a detailed html report page which I was able to print out to keep as a record. I liked the layout and ease of use. It was user friendly and I did not need to be a server expert to locate and solve exploits/bugs.

    I rate it 8.5 out of 10. What I did not like about it was I had a few false positives, but just about any scanner will give you those. I also was not quite satisfied with the CGI exploits test as it found none, but when I ran a CGI exploit scanner I found 1 with that. But other then that N-Stealth is a excelent scaner and in my opinion worth its money.

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