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    Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question and I'm sorry if it's not
    but I'm really desperate and couldn't find any other good forums to post this on.
    I'm runnin WinME
    When I first start up my computer it gives me this message: "VFBACKUP could not load VFD.VXD"
    so i did a little search on the internet and found this
    problem is that when i followed the instructions and tryed to use attrib I get a message "Incorrect MS-DOS version" and even if I copy and attrib.exe from another WinME system into the bootdisk and try to run it, it still gives that message. Also, whenever i try to access "C:\windows\system" it freezes. I also tryed reinstalling windows but it first has to run scandisk and while running scandsik it freezes at 20% while checking the file structure, os i cant reinstall. Anyone know a way around this? any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    I'm guessing that your system wasnít a fresh install of WinME? I'm not sure as to the first problem as the link you sent refers to a 95 error and I couldn't get a mention of it for ME..but the scandisk failing is a *bad* thing. Can you get your hands on a Nortonís utilities boot cd and run the disk checking program there? I have a feeling your HD is failing or at least its loaded with bad sectors. If you run setup /? on the ME CD it will tell you how to run setup without scandisk...but I think this will only be a temporary fix if the drive is faulty

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    If your going to reformat (probably your easiest way to solve this), make sure you do a clean install. Boot with a win98 boot disk, run fdisk. Delete all your partitions (after all your stuff is backed up some where else). Re-create your partition(s) and reboot with the 98 boot disk again. Format your new partition, then reboot with your OS CD. This should correct your scandisk failure, if not, it is a hardware issue and your HD most likely will need replacing.

    Hope this helps!
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    I think that what cross said would probably be your best bet. Just Fdisk and if I was doing it I would create a second small partition of about 3GB and use that space to Disk Image your hard drive after you reinstall Windows. That way if stuff starts going bad again all you have to do is reinstall your old disk image.

    I would also say that you would be better off to bite the bullet and pay $150 for Windows XP. XP is a lot more stable and better than ME.

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    It looks to me as if this is a hard disk problem.

    attrib will work correctly under WinME (after all, it is based on DOS with a FAT file system).
    I presume you are booting from a Windows startup disk, in which case this does not add up.
    The fact your PC freezes on accessing "C:\windows\system" is very suspicious.

    You can try a full format, fdisk, etc. as has been suggested, and see what happens.
    However, if your hard drive is faulty, this may only work for a week or so until it fails again.
    If you get some sort of system installed you can try scandisk with a full surface scan, and see if it turns up any bad sectors. If you start seeing these, then it's a good idea to replace your hard drive. Unfortunately, scandisk is not infallible and can fail to detect failling hard drives.

    Whilst WinXP is a far better OS than WinME, I don't think that has anything to do with your problem.

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    I also tryed reinstalling windows but it first has to run scandisk and while running scandsik it freezes at 20% while checking the file structure,
    I think the other comments are correct.. assuming that what you are saying here is that you HAVEN'T formated the HDD.. certainly if you haven't formatted the drive.. use Fdisk/Gdisk or similar to re-Partition and follow the advice from cheyenne1212 and darkes..
    Now if you have formatted the hdd and the scandisk is failing during the file structure scann .. I would try going to the HDD's manufacturers web site to download their HDD tools, some of these are able to locate and lock out any bad clusters you could also try using HDD Regerator (not Free) but the manufacturers tools are best as the faulty clusters are lock away from the O/S and therefor not able to be ever accessed again..

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    Similar Problem.

    I experienced this once to.

    Windows ME has some pretty major issues.

    I didn't need to re install. I managed to install XP home over the top of ME which resolved all the quircky probs I had been experiencing.

    1. sound card only working on second boot
    2. CD/DVD drive not mounting correctly.

    My suggestion although perhaps not very helpfull would be to get shot of Win ME.

    It seems to be very unstable in comparrison to winxp or even older systems such as 98.

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    I got it!

    I just reformated the partion and made a clean install.
    Thanx to all of you who helped me

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    I got a good idea

    Go with Linux it is free and is very stable and you will not get any of thoses errors that windows gives you. It is secure too.
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    Re: I got a good idea

    Originally posted here by alro you will not get any of thoses errors that windows gives you[/B]
    yeah, you get an entirely new list of errors

    but Linux is still really good if you know what you're doing. sometimes it's as if it's designed specifically to confound the impatient.
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