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Thread: Samba vulnerability in RH

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    Samba vulnerability in RH

    A security vulnerability has been found in versions of Samba up to and including 2.2.8. An anonymous user could exploit the vulnerability to gain root access on the target machine. From: Red Hat Network Alert

    Don't know how many people get the Red Hat emails but I figured I would let everyone know. I'm sure it affects more than just people using RH.

    Complete info here: https://rhn.redhat.com/network/errat...s.pxt?eid=1574

    Hope it helps everyone out.
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    I heard about such a problem on Bugtrack. It will be hard to deal with this issue for many little networks which are highly based on Samba for the compatibility with Windows.
    It reminds me I must disable my sharings and look for a patch.

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    You are right, this is not generic to Redhat, it is a major bug in Samba ..... everyone running Samba should upgrade/patch.

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