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    Question Confused...

    ok this is how much of a newbie I am...I'm installin phpbb2 forum on lycos.co.uk and i totaly got confused wit the database stuff and i just need sum help wit the installation and configurations. Thanks.

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    You're going to have to post a lot more information than that.... What database stuff are you confused with... what exactly do you need help with...


    This might solve all your problems... seems to be pretty indepth and to completely cover what you are talking about.. if you have any specific problems post them below (with more detail than your first post) and i'm sure someone will be able to give you a hand.

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    ok thxs ill post back after im done reading

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    found problem...working..

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    It's up and running. Thxs for your link HTRegz, it really helped out big time!

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