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    Just an observation from a newbie. I feel that any site worth looking at, has already been mentioned, and links provided at some point on AO ( as my favourites list confirms) and a few minutes spent searching would probably prove this to be the case. I am all for new, interesting and relevant sites, but feel that there must be very few left that are unknown to the vast majority of members
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    Thanks for the links, really came in handy


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    Does anyone ever notice that all the newbies around here (like me) seem to be more grateful then anyone else.

    to add to what jm459 said these links have been posted numerous times. a few months ago a post like this would have gotten negged to death because the author didn't look to see if they had been posted before. now there's just to much to look threw i guess and they're usful links for newbies who otherwise wouldn't see them. but im not going to give someone a shitload of points for 4 links that have been posted before or jump up and down at seeing them again. im glad that viper shared these with you all there's allot of info there and if you find them useful you should show appreciation. just wanted to let you know how those who've been around this site for a while see it ...being as it was brought up. And if you like these links try searchng the archives. you'll find some really great lists of links.
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    Thanks for the like on the Black Sun site.
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    thanks for posting such useful links on this website.i can't say how useful they r to me.for a newbie

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    Thank You MAn

    we NEWBIE's r SEARCHING for knowledge that HUMAN KiND does not know



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