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    i.p tracking

    Hello every body, it's me vaibhav here. i m 22 yrs male from india. I am the new member of this site with the hope that i could gain some knolege. well, i want to know that if i m involved in chatting with any body on yahoo or msn then is it possible to know the ip of the person with whom i m involved. i will be very thank ful. bye bye have a nice day

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    The only way to know the IP of a Yahoo or MSN user that you are talking to is if you directly connect to them. As far as I know Yahoo does not support directly connecting at all, (not sure about the webcam option). MSN allows it if you transfere files between yourself and the user. Then the IP will become connected toyour machine instead of the MSN IP that you usually route through.

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    This subject has been done to death here. Do a search or check some of the threads which appear at the bottom of this post under "Similar Threads".
    You might want to do yourself another favor, delete the other thread you started on this very same topic, flooding the boards with the same questions does not go over very well here.


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