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Thread: Last Call for Articles for AO Newsletter #7

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    Talking Last Call for Articles for AO Newsletter #7

    Hey all,

    Ok. Here's the official call for newsletter articles, rants, raves, reviews, what-have-you.

    What are the topics? Well, ideally information on securing languages (like PHP code, C, C++, etc.), network setups (software versus hardware types), physical setups, social engineering, etc. If you have an idea and aren't sure if it's "worthy" just pop me a note or ask here. We're pretty much open to ideas.

    Please have articles submitted to me by: April 27, 2003 11:59pm EST either to me via PM or to my email address: Please identify in the subject that it's an article for the Newsletter and which issue of the newsletter as I can get lots of mail at times.

    Articles can be in any format (OpenOffice, Office, RTF, txt, etc.)

    If you have questions, send me a PM.

    Ok, this is the last call for articles as I'm in the process of putting the last touches on the AO newsletter. Publication should be out later this week (hoping for Wednesday at the latest).
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    wOOt...Another Newsletter too busy to whip up something, but I'll try to get something for the next one MsM

    - Noia
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    Emm, what if I translate another human's ( ) basic-php_script/perl_script-security article? Of course, I'll ask him first.

    And don't count on me very much, I'm very lazy. Just informing.

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    I liked the article on ettercap last newsletter. Very interesting.

    Have you done anything on Uncapped bandwidth and/or the exploits like Onestep:Zup that reconfigure a modem to uncap Cable speeds?
    I have been looking more and more into this and also into the Post that Negative had about the algorith..written by Steve Bellovin w/ATT to detect computers behind NAT routers and how this might be used by ISP's in future.

    if not I will post something for your review that combines both these topics.

    please advise.


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    Previous letters can be found in the AO Newsletter forum.

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    I know this is kindof offtopic, but i just went and downloaded the zip's msmittens put up in the newsletters forum, and they are really good. I recommend anyone who hasnt checked them out to go download them.

    PS: you saved me alot of wasted hours searching for all this info.
    Now get off your bum and download it!

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    Another great contribution. Thanks for everything MsMittens.

    /me puts on Cartman hat...



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