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    Web page help!

    Let me get right to the point. I have a page that i run, it is a E-Commerce site, developed in IBM's Net.Commerce program. What i would like to do is have the main page, which is made up of code that pulls data and code from .inc files, pull different files per the date. SO for an example say i have a page made for a basic front store page, but then in February i would like it to display a page designed different for say Valentines Day? is this possible, does anyone know. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I'm not familiar with the program you are using, but I have a basic idea that may help you.

    (This is a PHP perspective, so please bear with me).

    Single out the codet that is going to change every month (or however often you want). Put an if statement around this code, using a range of timestamps as the argument (i.e. if after feb 1st && before feb 28th). Then use the else if commands to put in other timestamps. That way when february roles around, that if statement kicks in. once february is gone by, the next one will kick in.

    This is how I would accomplish this in PHP. Maybe you can adapt this idea for what you are doing.


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    Thank you very much. I will play with that idea. I can use php i am fairly sure. The pages are coded primarily with HTML and Javascript. I will let you know. Thanks again.
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