I searched google for help with these errors but found no solutions.

I can't seem to to be able to download the Microsoft SDK,. Every atempt I make I get the message "Object dosent suport this property or method" which sounds to me like a javascript or active X compatible problem but Im prity sure I have the latest version of active x and javascript. I Also am getting "XML is not valid" which is very miuch confuseing me.

Yesterday I managed to get around those errors by atempting to reinstall internet explorer. That worked yesterday untill I get to the download window where it starts to download the packafges then I get a server error.

So I thought maybe there is a server problem and I would try the following day, but today I get those error messages back.

Does anyone know a work around for this, or perhaps if you have the SDK maybe you wouldent mind sending me the core and documentation, thats all I need.