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    I am assuming this is a home system...
    1. go grab zone alarm fire wall its not bad and free you shouldn't need more then that
    2. get some sort of AV program
    3. did you do any work on your system files MMC.exe is the built in windows program to do every thing in xp/2k if you didn't access anything look through your user lists and see if anyone was added...if you didn't access the mmc then you where hacked.

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    No, you have not been hacked,
    That should be some bug in any program. I suggest you to download Zone alarm for firewall as trail 30 days or so. also get Anti virus to scan everything to make sure no virus on that. if no virus. then it s only bug.

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    Wink Thanks for the information dose guys

    As things turned out, you were all mostly right, I havent been hacked(or at least it isnt readily apparent); the coincidental occurences just freaked me out and sent me into a spiral of distrust and suspicion about everything online. It's shitty times we live in when you can never really be or feel secure about anything...
    anyway, thanx folks, the helpful insight was useful and comforting to someone going slightly mad over coincidences.

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    Do you have Service Pack 1 for XP installed yet? I would download and install SP1 (not SP1a, that does not have Microsoft's Java VM included) from the web if possible, this may or may not fix the problem depending on if it's an application calling the class, or the Java engine itself. Good luck.
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