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Thread: php forum log in problem

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    Question php forum log in problem

    I jsut got a freshly installed phpbb2 forum installed and running. Its on lycos so thats a major part of the problem..i serach round on their support forums adn found sum fixes but they didn't work so i was wondering if any1 here could shed sum light. Ok heres the problem. When your nto logged in and click on the members only links i.e profiles,check ur pm inbox, i get apage no avialible oppose to the log in screen that is suppose to show. I know it does wit the last 10-15 lines of the function.php file and wit the url redirection but I just haven;'t gotten it. Thanks

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    can you give us a link to your forum so we can see the problem "live" because your descipting is kinda vague..

    also make sure you have the full virtual path, and the proper URLs


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    well i jsut fixed the problem but i still got sum bugs but instead of comeing here ive been on the support forums on www.phpbb.com cause it seems like others have gotten them to. But Heres the link to the forums-: http://members.lycos.co.uk/forgotnamephp and my site is at www.forgotname.tk or http://ftp.seanspc.tzo.net/forgotname/index.htm if the .TK servers are down again. thxs and peace.

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